Glaciem the Freljordian Legionnaire (Fanmade)

Glaciem, the Freljordian Legionnaire Passive (Frostshield): Glaciem gains 7% extra Armor and 5% extra Attack Range for every nearby ally champion. Q (Ice Strike): Glaciem slashes all enemies in a cone in front of him, dealing damage and applying a stack of Frost Mark to all enemies hit. Frost Mark lasts for 5 seconds. W (Shield of Justice): Glaciem holds up his shield in front of him causing all linear projectiles that hit the shield to be reflected back and deal damage to all enemies hit. He holds up his shield for 3 seconds. E (Cold Death): Glaciem instantly causes all enemies who have a stack of Frost Mark to be slowed by 30% for 2 seconds and dealt damage to equal to how much Armor Glaciem has currently. R (Freljordian Legion): Glaciem summons forward 3/4/5 Frost Legionnaires after 1 second of channeling that can be controlled by holding down the Alt key and moving or by reactivating this ability. The Frost Legionnaires swing their sword around themselves dealing damage and knocking all enemies hit by them back. Lasts for 6 seconds. Quotes: Champion Select: "For my allies, a safe haven. For my enemies, an icy bloodbath!" Moving: "For Freljord, we go." "The icy path guides me." "Our legion cannot be stopped." "They will never expect it coming." "Very strategic, Summoner." "We will, lay waste!" "May Freljord guide us." Attacking: "They will know death!" "Onward, my legion!" "You will drown in ice!" Q: "An icy pain indeed!" "I am unstoppable!" W: "Stand behind me!" "Position number 2207!" "I will guard you!" E: "Let ice destroy your skulls!" "Nothing fixes ice wounds!" "Glacier incoming!" R "Onward! Onward to victory!" "Move forward legion!" "A true bloodbath awaits!"

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