Is flirting with the enemy a viable strategy?

Alright. So, League is based largely around the mind games that people can play with their champs or comps (for instance, am I gonna TP into lane or hold it and TP gank later? Do you want to chase Viktor into that choke point? Are you gonna burst the Soraka or Lucian in lane? Hide in the baron brush to make it look like we're doing it?) You can also choose to play psychological games in [All] chat to speak directly into the enemy, choosing to 'accidentally' reveal important information on your location, or just to have a pleasant chat. My question is, could you _flirt_ with one of your opponents, try to catch them off guard with a charm offensive and distract them from the game with flirting? Would it be viable? Reasons? Side note: I may be a little crazy thinking of this, but it's worth asking at least.

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