My (terrible) adventures as Mid shaco

Since ive been having fun on shaco top and supp (not always success but its always fun...) I decided to try it out mid So i Q up for Normal Draft (not about to sacrifice ranked games for this) Little did i know i was about to make a very big mistake The entire team assumes i was trying to steal jungle... Oh great... AFTER GETTING INTO A NEW LOBBY (And explaining i dont want to steal jungle) I get into game. Our MF is diamond 4... (im b2...) Thanks matchmaking? Dorans start and i go to enemy red to mess with lee a bit I return to lane and lee ganks level 2 and i die... I guess I should have left him in peace Rest of the game isnt mucher better Me, jungle and top feed our a** off (What do you expect of bronze/silver in a diamond game?) In short... we lost Every time me and our jungler (ekko) talked in chat Our blitz would invariably say "Stfu" Oh such fun After a few repetitions of those 4 letters in all chat i say ":( blitz is being mean" Where syndra said the most intelligent thing ive ever read "Your playing shaco, you deserve to be flamed" NOW let me state my issues here 1: its You're not Your 2:Correct me if im wrong but there is nothing against playing champions in the "wrong lane" 3:I was a bronzie in a diamond game, do you expect me to 1v5 or something? So ofcourse i said ":(" And as we won (clearly) Syndra and blifz both said "Report shaco int" :( You guys probably don't care but i found this game rly annoying and just went over here to tell it to a bunch of very judgemental people, logic right
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