Riot creativity is surprising

For myself i think this emotionaly dissapointing day in League of Legends (League of draven, meh) Most people wanted to see U.R.F on april 1. The gamemode rotation thing is in the sad way. Rito can't be creative anymore (seriously what the f*ck) and i guess LOL will go a bit downwards and downwards becouse they could not think anything new and instead they make silly BS like "dravens day", yeah make "teemo day" too. It will be "creative" and make bunch of bundles! So you can rip of people with this and play with their feelings for the league. I think it is VERY VERY creative to make dravens day, dravens everywhere so creative nothing new and it got boring really quickly (not like the urf tho...) Tell me what do you think Thanks {{champion:17}} DAY + {{champion:119}} DAY = "SO CREATIVE"
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