GJ riot. Last patch broke my lol.

Ever since the last patch, I'm having these huge lag spikes(actual LAG) all the time. And no, it's not my internet. My internet is fine. Don't even DARE to go there. Before 5.4: Everything is good and jolly. After 5.4: 200-300ms lag spike every 10 seconds. Every other online game = no spikes. I can no longer play this game. And I'm not going to try and fix it myself. I didn't break it, so I ain't gonna fix it, even if there was a fix. Just out of principle. If the lag isn't gone when the next patch hits, I'll quit all together. Balance team is going ham, destroying champions all the time. Server issues. Flamers and ragers literally in every game. I've seen more afkers in the past 2 months than all my time in lol before that. Patch somehow causes me to have lag spikes, when the only thing that changed for me was the patch number. I don't know. This game is going downhill and fast. Will see if the next patch fixes this. But before that, I'm gonna stop playing. Don't feel like ruining more games for my teams.
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