I Can Not Win Anymore

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Hello Guys, The last few weeks were horrible regarding my LoL "career". As you can see i dropped from Plat 5 Promos down to 0 LP Gold 5 and will be demoted to Silver soon. I have no idea of what has changed. I mean maybe i got luckily into Gold 1 but now i am Gold 5 and i dont know why. I love to play midlane and as you can see i am even quite good at it. But somehow I am not able to transport the lead i get in my lane into a lead for the team anymore. It is like all of the sudden i am cursed and also i cant remember that i ever had games that were so full of hatred and flame and people losing on purpose like nowdays... I even took a break and played all through the witcher 3 but right when i start lol sh*t starts all over again. has anyone any useful advice?

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