How can I balance school and studying?

How can I balance gaming and school? Hey guys I want to start playing league of legends I am honestly ready to give up everything to get straight A's But i also want to get straight A's at schoool I used to abe a straight a stundent from 6 th grade to 9th grade but my depression fucked my brain and now i am sitting at ds and fs at school. This is shit,i am failure and i had like 6 panic attacks in the last 3 days thinking about my grades and ym ruined life. I want to have a good gpa and get into a good university mainly medicine I want to ask you how can i get better grades? How much per day should I study? And most importantly how should I study? I have no clue on how should I study? And also how can i balance gaming and gitting gud with studying and getting straight A's? Also how can i make some time to workout and get in shape?
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