The Worst Luck

So I was playing as{{champion:64}} jungle, The game was going really well I helped mid and bot and invaded enemy jungler and killed him, the only lane I didn't help ( nor did the enemy jungler) was the top lane, mostly because our toplaner{{champion:268}} was dying too fast that I couldn't gank him We kept trying but enemy toplaner{{champion:23}} was way too fed, and we couldn't kill him so at the 20 minute mark our top laner was 1/10 and we were losing bad only because of {{champion:23}}, so I said in chat : Azir useless And at that point {{champion:268}} stayed in base for 10 minutes straight doing nothing but flaming mesaying things like "FUCK YOU" or "YOU FUCKING SUCK" which is way more offensive than "useless" , I ignored most of it and I didn't really care but then one of our teammates says in /all chat : report lee flaming, and 3 or 4 players of both our team and enemy team said yeah report him, i was like "WTFF WHAT DID I DO ? " no one replied and in the after game chat I said " seriously wtf did i do for you to say report me for flame " and 2 of them replied with "I don't know " The game after that, I was playing {{champion:86}} and at minute 5 or 6 I was 0/2 (which is bad I know) but then guess what ? all 4 of my team members started flaming me ............. This luck.......{{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} 750/750
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