Depressed players. Riot should do something to help.

We all know the trouble of flamers in this game ad how the ruin games for people. And riot has put a lot in place to stop that. And that is good. But you forget about the opposite end of the spectrum. There are players out there like me with depression and issues which make it difficult or even impossible to deal with the flamers. And as soon as the flamers break through our defensive walls. People like me lose the will to play. They give up and let the abuse keep happening until they sometimes are driven to do harm to themselves. This is an awful thing. You may think "Oh there's a mute button so there shouldn't be a problem. " But people like me won't mute the people who harass them. Because if they break through all we can think about is how worthless and pathetic we are. So then we don't mute the flamers because we believe we deserve it. So then our game play becomes terrible and sometimes even it just becomes practically being afk. And we get punished because the flamers and bullies won. Now i don't think that is right. People with debilitating issues getting punished because the bullies and flamers won. And we get punished instead of the actual cause of the issue. And all these punishments do is make it worse for us. Because we get punished for being depressed.. so our issues get worse. Some people even harm or attempt to kill themselves because they got banned for playing poorly in a game because they was getting abused so much that they could do nothing. If you think it is right to punish these player who play badly just because you think its just a cry for attention then you don't understand what it means to have an issue of this degree. And while your valid to your own opinion, unless you understand or have experienced the impact of what depression can do to someone you won't be able to get how much it hurts. And you might say. "Why don't you just stop playing if it hurts that much. " but for a lot of people. Especially people with depression. Games like league are the only thing that lets them sleep. Its the only thing that manages to distract them from their life, or their thoughts or what ever is the cause of their issues. So now to the point. Riot neglects these players. There is nothing in the game which helps them and the way that their system is set out riot actually causes more pain to depressed players than good. Now i don't know what they can incorporate into the game to help. But if they don't the problems will get worse and worse until there is an actual hospitalisation or body count. And to put it into a term that a company would understand. That isn't good for business being a cause for self harm or suicide attempts. So i believe that it would be better for league of legends and the player community if they put in a way to cope with depressed players. It makes the game not only better for those people who do suffer. But for the other players who are put into matches with them. I can't suggest how they do this and its not something that could be done over night but i believe that something needs to be done about it before this issue becomes too serious. Now to you. Comment what you think should be done if anything should be done at all or ask a question if you to know more. And if your here just to troll me for being sensitise on a board well that's your choice. Although to be fair if you came here to do that you probably wouldn't read this far. If you did thank you whether you agree with me or not since you actually took the time to read this. And i would be grateful if you put what ever you thought in the comments whether it supports or denies my claim. Now down to the comments.
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