Competitive integrity

Hey everyone When I see this : Red arrows for premades. I ask myself : "Where is that competitive integrity Riot loves so much ?". Apparently they lost it on their way between S5 and S6. This is one of the main point where DynamicQ is toxic. Akali 170 cs behind Viktor. Graves all game complaining about how Kindred was always at the right place at the right time, getting brained all the time. That was super predictable ! Those guys, at the moment, do NOT have the level to play vs Plat IV. How do I know it ? Well, they are between 3 and 6 divisions LOWER than almost all the players in the ennemy team. I don't get why you solve one other main issue (getting your roles with the new champ select) to just ruin all the work by allowing people to break matchmaking by playing in large premades (duoQ was already raising issues for some players past seasons and you get it worse...). Getting a badge saying "hey, I'm Solo" won't change the fact that each time I get a game with large premades, things go wrong. And don't get me wrong : if I had been Ashe in this game, I wouldn't have been happy neither. This game would have bored me as much, getting a free win just because matchmaking doesn't know what to do with those premades.
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