The Deadeye Event

Seeing many theories about Deadeye and how he is connected to the Dark Samurai on the Project skins teaser, i thought that maybe that Dark Samurai has something to do with the box on Zed's lore ,maybe that's why Yi on that teaser mistook Zed for that Dark Samurai. Maybe the Dark Samurai was locked up on that box, being the 1st Shadow technique user and wanting revenge for being locked up he possessed Zed and killed his master,when Zed was conscious of what he had done he screamed in pain because that wasn't a thing he want to do. Yi and Zed being from Ionia, Yi being a highlander could've already clashed with the Dark Samurai 200 years ago(Since in Zed's lore, the last to master the shadow technique was 200 years ago) , knowing what he is capable of with the Shadow technique. Thank you for reading. Leave a comment sharing you ideas about this.
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