I dislike people that look up match history of their team and then cry about it.

The amount of times I have seen people look up the games of their team only to start to tilt themselves is amazing. Seriously you do realize that previous games and this one are not the same thing right? It is especially infuriating when they see that you lost games on a champion but fail to notice that you were not the issue. They just see that you lost so they go into chat and tell you to not pick because you "clearly sucks" or tell them team it's over "because that is his troll champ". This just created more pressure on you making it more likely you will %%%% up while also making%%%%m play while thinking of how you will %%%% up instead of focusi%%%%n their own lane. Seriously what is the point of this? It might let you know that your bot is better then your top but what if it will go differently this game? In the end you will/should play according to what is happening now not 5 games or even 5 days ago. You could also argue that if you see someone who is popping of it will bring up your morale. I have 2 problems with this train of thought though. First of all most people focus on the negative more then the positive in this game so they will skip the guy that is on a roll to go after the guy that lost 3 games in a row bringing negativity to the whole team. Secondly if this one person you are betting on fails then this can be even worse then just being negative from the start. There is no point to this except %%%%ing with yourself and %%%% team if you go into chat with it. So if you are one of those people please do everyone a favor and at least stfu. Rant over.
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