I really need some help

So I've got myself into a bit of a pickle, I'm going away on holiday in 10 days and I have no money. See, I make and manage websites and Facebook pages for small businesses and manage to get by doing this, however, I've been working on a website for the past 2 months and the client tried to get away without paying so I lost out on quite a bit of cash (Which was going to be used whilst I was away for eating, activities etc.) and It's just not possible for me to find another client and create a website in 10 days. Is there anyway I could do some tasks for anyone online or in game or anything for a small fee? I can also do graphic design, I'll literally do anything (Within reason), if you would help I'd appreciate it massively http://i.imgur.com/OKLJmul.png EDIT: So the craziest thing just happened, I've been fishing to try my luck and see if I could catch anything worth selling. 6 hours of fishing later and an hour or two of walking door to door trying to sell what I caught I ended up with £34, not too bad I thought but it still wasn't going to be enough. Anyway, on the way home I nipped in the shop, picked up a pack of cigarettes (I know it probably doesn't help my situation) and a scratch card. Guys... I won £500!!!!! this isn't a huge amount but hey its more than enough to last a week! Anyway I want to thank everyone that up voted and offered to help in some way, it really opened my eyes to the good side of the community, I really really appreciate it. Anyway I guess the moral of the story is to smoke cigarettes and you might end up buying a scratch card and win when you go to buy a new pack haha. No but on a serious note, don't give up if you're going through a rough patch, there's always a way and even people who are willing to help in any way they can, this post is proof of that. Anyway, thanks again guys, I do genuinely appreciate the help. EDIT 2.0: I just noticed how much I say 'Anyway' ._. Anyway, have a good day :p
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