I have tried DOTA2!

I wanted to try something different and I was kind of curious what those dotists keep yapping on about. I know what you're all thinking: "But mada! All the dota characters look like a cross between shen and singed! Even the girls!!" To that I have to say "yes, that's true, but the items are kind of funny" Nearly all finished items seem to have an active and some of those are just flat out insane. I was playing Shadow Shaman. He looks like Singed, of course and he is a split pushing support, apparently. His Q is a static shiv discharge that's really, really wave cleary when maxed. His W is a lulu polymorph His E is a Malzahar Ult which is really nice. Especially since the stun is longer than the polymorph CD and the Polymorph is longer than the Malz-ult CD. So you either stun lock one champion completely or you hard cc 2 enemies. His R is completely ridiculous: it summons a cloud of 10 thingies that take 2 hits to kill and that fire. Really nice to kill a champion that's stun locked or towers or inhibs(baracks) or all of that in any combination. Now my items: First I got the trinity force which upgrades my ult so the thingies fire two shots instead of one. Then I got an item with an active that just restores all cooldowns so I can just walk up to the base, place 2 ults and walk away with my next item glimmer cape with an invisibility active. We won that game :-D I think I'll play again some time :-D
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