Ok this is some BS Riot. Players on Na get everything. (Rant, Solutions, future TIPS and IDEAS)

Hello Riot, Look I know you guys keep telling us that all regions get treated the same way, however, this aint the case. Clearly you show more favoritism to your North american server. _______________________ **_Players on NA_** can now snag a free start pack by linking up their account with Amazon through Feb 6th! http://1.bp.blogspot.com/--BwLR6GOIf8/VqMCNlfDRrI/AAAAAAAAKwo/lPAawaITJnQ/s640/copy_of_amazonoffer_header.jpg "For a limited time, sign up for League of Legends through Amazon (or link an existing account) and get a FREE Starter Bundle, which contains the following goodies: Ashe Annie Warwick Garen Ryze Nunu Master Yi Sivir 10 Win XP Boost 4 Win IP Boost This offer will be available from January 22nd to February 5th, 2016, so click here to take advantage and unlock free stuff! Offer available to players on the North American server only." _______________________________ Heads up! Mobile app Android beta beginning soon http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-6ZpHWX8j534/VqGO1_KXQcI/AAAAAAAAKsA/f3bg5lguuTU/s640/LoLFriendsApp_devcorner.jpg " TL;DR: We’re going to release an app that makes your friends list mobile, and we need smart and attractive players with Android phones to test it as part of a persistent beta. Email invites will be sent out within the next couple of weeks to _**NA and OCE players.**_ " **SO WHAT IS THIS APP ABOUT?** League is better when you play with your besties, but it’s not always easy to organize games with friends. The League Friends app lets you get a conversation going with buddies (or mortal enemies) even before they've booted up their gaming rigs. It's one of many thingswe're launching in 2016 to make playing with friends easier. **AND YOU NEED TESTERS?** Yep, we're building a persistent beta for the League Friends app, and players who join will get early access to all updates of the app a little bit before we release them publicly. We're not closing the beta once version 1.00 goes live; you'll be asked to test future updates as well. **HOW DO I GET IN ON THE BETA?** We'll send out email invites to a limited number of North American and Oceanic players sometime during the next few weeks. If you get an email and have an Android device, just click the link to sign up. Only players who get the email will be able to participate, so those who didn’t get an invite won’t be able to sign in. Also, you're more likely to get an invite if you have a history of playing with friends and a verified email address. **WHAT HAPPENS IF I GET INTO THE BETA?** Members of the beta will be expected to report any bugs and give general feedback about the app. This is for serious testers, not looky-loos, rubberneckers, or drive-by beta-browsers—we'll use Keeper's Verdict on testers who aren't contributing. We'll update this thread to let you know when we've sent out our beta invite emails within the next couple of weeks. ___________________________________________ I STRONGLY DISLIKE that only NA gets this incredible FREE started pack by linking their amazon account. This should be emplimented in each server! This would be the lottery for new players. This would make it easier for new players to get into league faster. The fact that only NA gets this.... just proves our point (because its not only mine) that you dont care about other regions. Second of all, yes this League app is going to be available for everyone, but here we go again... **BETA for NA** and OCE (thankfully they were kind enough to give another server a chance). __________________________________ [Apart from the PBE server] No matter what project Riot does, NA will ALWAYS get a beta on their Live server, always! Riot, why, just why cant you do a live server beta test like you did with Teambuilder!!! Do you guys remember? Because if you dont, let me refresh your mind ///////////////////////////////////////// **Announcing Team Builder two-day live beta!** Because this is a beta test on live servers, each region will open Team Builder testing for 48 hours through a staggered roll-out starting with RU and EUNE the week of March 3-7. We took into account the size of each region, the available architecture and hardware, and the current player experience (such as current queue times for all levels) to design the staggered launch. Check the image below for the tentative schedule of when your server will start their two-day Team Builder live beta: http://riot-web-static.s3.amazonaws.com/images/news/February_2014/ATBTDLB/TBSI1-EN.jpg Each and every single LIVE SERVER had a 48 hour BETA for Teambuilder. ALL REGIONS. ////////////////////////////////////////////////// Now... I know that the past is the past, but, why on earth didnt you do this for the new Champion Select? Please, for the future. If you plan on doing something BIG, *****COUGH COUGH***** **_ Client Update that is currently on Alpha!!!!!_** *****COUGH COUGH***** , please make an X hour long BETA for all LIVE Servers. Not only will you get more feedback from each and every single live server, you will get a better idea of how each server is handling the new update; you will get better readings; if anything goes wrong you will see which regions are gettng more affected, and why said regions are getting affectly heavily. _________________________ So Riot, please give every region a chance, forget that NA exists for once, JUST ONCE. You have 11, soon to be 12 regions (NA/LAS/LAN/EUW/EUNE/TURKEY/RUSSIA/CHINA/KOREA/OCE/BRASIL/**JAPAN**), it seems only fair for the rest of us that NA stops being the loved one. Edit (forgot to mention brazil D: ) make that 11 regions, soon to be 12!!! _________________________ Now that my rant is over. Would you guys like to have the Starter Pack available FOR FREE in all regions for all the new players? (Through a method that doesnt involve Amazon) To avoid any confusion, Ill say this again. #**(Through a method that doesnt involve Amazon)** _________________________________ EDIT: Questions about the BETAs done in other none english speaking regions. There is no problem what so ever, if so, its just a disguting excuse from Riots part. First of all.... Europe. We Europeans are bilingual, the english language is heavily "forced" in all European countries so the "people cannot speak proper english" is a dumb excuse (Yes some people dont speak proper enlgish, but for gods sakes, that doesnt envolve every single goddamn European!). Other regions. North America. The United States of America is a muticultural country (although sometimes racist and dicriminative) people from across the world live is the USA, you´re telling me that you dont have translators that can speak other languages. HELL the LCS has Korean and Chinese translators that work from Riot. Now what am I trying to say with this. EACH region has their BETA. Riot employees from there respective Regions gather all the possible DATA they can get from their Forums. Then each Region sends their Feedback to NA. They should get atleast 11 emails: - 2 of them in Spanish LAS/NAS - 1 of them in Chinese - 1 of them in Korean - 1 of them in Russian - 1 of them in Turkish - 3 of then in english EUW/EUNE/OCE - 1 of them in Japanese - 1 of them in Portuguese Brasil You are going to tell me, that Riot cant get a translator, you´re going to tell me that there isnt a Korean, Chinese, or Japanese Riot employee in Na Riot HQ. I dont know about you, but Riot can perfectly, WITHOUT any hesitation, get a translator.

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