I made it from Bronze V to Gold V in about 2 months

I made it from B5 to G5, I abused the meta tbh, but I made it all the way to gold V ( yeah its still considered low elo but at least I get all the rewards), I learned a lot from this journey, I had to get better at map awarness, timing ganks (jungle main btw) and a lot of other stuff. I kidna rekt my mmr cuz I lost a few games on 0lp out of tilt but overall its good. I feel so accomplished especially since I got Gold V 12 hours before the season ends. Also I did get kinda lucky with promos, I only carried 3 of them and still lost 1 of the games where I "carried". The 4th we threw and on the 5th I camped my Rene untill he was 3lvls ahead of Trynda, and I let him carry (it was 1:23 am for me) overall im pretty satisfied especially since my friend got gold v last week, and another gave up on league out of tilt (he denies it but ik XD) before he got to gold V and both of them have been playing longer than me. Anyhow I hope next season I can get gold V again or maybe get out of it to plat. I still have a lot to learn but Im pretty sure im not gonna be bronze anymore :D Wish you all luck, hope you got the division you wanted and have fun next season :D tl:dr Im really happy I got from bronze to gold this season as its my first actual one. Wish u gl in next. C: {{sticker:sg-kiko}}
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