Climbing in low elo is impossible.

This is a new account i have, 8/10 wins. My 1st match was a win, gave me Bronze 4 as a provisional rank, finished my 10matches and got silver4. Since that day it is freaking impossible to climb any further. I swear, it is absolutely impossible to win matches in which people suddenly decide to screw up your wrong match progress in any possible way........ Is this done on purpose? Am i doing something wrong by trying too much? I got matches in which i can't believe myself i actually manage to do so well and still manage to lose. Any lane i play, there's always someone else screwing up beyond repair. I feel like i'm being cheated by the system. I had so many matches in which i reached the enemy team's nexus turrets while my base is intact and then -boom- sheet happens I try to dominate early match just to get stomped lategame. Someone tell me, should i stop trying ranked for the moment till people start to promote/demote according to their skill???
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