How about an improvement to the rank borders look ?

I recently did a survey on Reddit and one of the results was quite interesting, it seems like most players aren't that motivated to keep climbing, and some of them talked about the ranked season rewards, even if this is a nice reward, most of them agreed that the borders may need an improvement, i noticed in the survey that people in Gold and Diamond does not want to keep climbing cause "there's no reason for it", Gold players said that they only got to gold for the skin and that the platinum border was really ugly anyways and Diamond players said that their border was the best. In my opinion this are the things that can be improved : - Silver, Gold and platinum are the same border with a slightly color change, which do not represent the huge difference between the players at all, so what about making the Gold border a bit more shiny and the plat border more shiny and adding some designs (like ribbons for example). - The diamond and master are nice so i don't think they need a change - The challenger border in the other hand is really ugly, i was thinking tho that we could have some nice designs like [This one]( to make them look as actual legends I know this is a silly request but I think it can help those players who lose motivation in climbing (specially lower elos) and it's a small change/improvement that can be easily done !

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