What people don't get about this event.

Everyone is saying that Garen is cruel and a dictator who kills his own men. The point is, he loves his people and he will protect those who obey him. On the other hand Darius just says: Hello, everyone who is strong come fight for me and freedom and kill everyone who you don't like. Everyone says he would prefer Darius's future planning instead of full obedience to Garen. So let me get the facts straight for you. If Garen reigned you could have a family in a farm, have children, be happy with one and only rule. Full obedience to Garen which means you will not disrespect him and you will fight for him in times of war. On the other hand if Darius reigns forget about family, forget about your family, forget about your friends. He will literally kill your whole family just because he believes them to be "weak". That's what you guys voted for. But what can I say, edgy teens think that dark characters who want war are so cool unlike just leaders who want peace.
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