You People Who Complain About Gangplank's Death Disgust Me

Deal with it. We lore-addicts have been complaining about being neglected for YEARS ! And now, when Riot's writers have not only proved they can craft an amazing story but also sacrifice an ENTIRE CHAMPION IN THE NAME OF LORE ? Honestly, I could not be more glad. Now, obviously Gangplank won't be gone for good. Even if he really is dead, at worst we'll have some relative of his (a son?) replace him at the League's roster with the same abilities. But that probably won't happen. What disgusts me the most in these people is that they don't have the patience to wait for The Pirate King to come back and go here in the forums to complain, consequently ruining the experience for the people interested in the lore. You tell me you're a Gangplank main and you're not interested in this amazing story he's involved in AT ALL ?! No, you even COMPLAIN ABOUT IT ?! You sir, are no true Gangplank main. You're probably one of those subjective, trivial and ephemeral _"meta players"_ who just _"main"_ the latest things that's been picked up by the pros. I can never understand these types of people and honestly I do not even care to. All I want to say is stop with your incessant complaints and atleast try to enjoy this with the rest of us. I mean, I understand if Teemo was killed off in-lore and removed from the game, then all _"Teemo mains"_ have the right to be concerned because people have requested his removal ever since his release but it's Gangplank we're talking about here. Thank you for your time
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