EUNE and EUW Server Merge

Hello all! I understand that this question may have been posted here previously, but I wanted to open up the matter once more sometime later than the last one. As most of you already know, EUW and EUNE servers were firstly split due to high population in a single EU server and high queue times, etc. During that time, Riot Games did not have an infrastructure that could support that much players at once. Years later, I think they have improved in that matter. EUW is the second most populated server, and EUNE is fourth. Just wanted to get that out of a way. I have some friends from other countries that I want to play with, but we are not on the same server. For example, I have some relatives in Germany, who play on EUW server, and I play on EUNE. In order for us to play together, one must create or transfer an account to the other one's server. No other way around it. I am sure that I'm not the only one with the similar problem. Europe is a single continent. Other continents pretty much have their own dedicated servers. Europe is the only one with 2 different servers for a single continent. I hope that could change in the future, now that Riot's infrastructure drastically improved in quality. Could someone from the Development Team answer my question if something like merging EUW and EUNE could happen in the future? I would greatly appreciate an answer. Sincirely, Arthymst (EUNE)
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