Courage of the Colossus has some serious flaws.

Am I the only one who sees a somewhat big flaws with the new mastery. For one its absolutely unusable for champions without any hard CC (which are a lot more than you think). Second - those that will use it wont really need it - take Alistar for example - if you go all in engage and ult yourself who in their right mind will focus you the %dmg resistance champ who also builds tankyness. Or a Sion , or a Malphite or any other engage tank ever. Tanks dont really need extra protection (i'm a tank main). You are a tank - no one focuses you. That would be like giving Kayles ult a 75% dmg resistance on top of the invulnerability - absolutely unnecessary. So you have a very niche mastery that does not do much for those that it was intended for.
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