How did Final Boss Veigar (Figure) sell out 2 days before you announced it's release?

And when exactly was I suppose to have had the opportunity to buy it? I mean, it was announced on your Merch Store when it came out - obviously. However, the only League-related announcement of its release (that I've found) was a post to your Facebook page _18 hours ago_. People have been complaining on your Merch Store that it's been out of stock **3 days ago**. P.S. There's _still_ no mention on the League website or in the client - although I guess you shouldn't bother now, since there's none left. And whoever's in charge of making posts to the Merch Store's Facebook channel is insisting that you won't be making any more, because it was "limited edition". You can't be serious? Just how small was the batch you produced? They're even using exclamation marks to emphasise how cool (!) it is that the stock ran out in a matter of hours!!! /end Rant (except not really, I'm still furious) EDIT: Reading some of the comments on the Merch Facebook and it appears EU sold out in 2 hours. If a product can sell out in 2 hours _without_ an announcement... like... I don't even know. This isn't like a concert with limited space - you could make any number of these. Did you only produce 100? Were they all bought-out by Riot employees who knew the item was coming in advance?
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