Hey guys, here's a question for all of ya

Hi guys, This week, we've had a short chat on our Discord server with a few of you guys, but I'm trying to expand this discussion to those who aren't on our Discord, or may have missed it. That's because I'm really curios about your thinking and input. The discussion's topic was **"What do you think you will be remembered for?"** and to narrow it down, let's talk about League. So here are some helping questions: - Why would a teammate remember you? What are you usually doing in your games that you think makes you rememberable [is that even a word? x.X] - What do you think you should be doing to be remembered by your teammates? How about your enemies? - How would you like to be remembered by both teammates and enemies? Now, I know this is an abstract and a bit hard subject, but try to put yourself in the shoes of those surrounding you and think about what they see/hear/feel when they meet you. I do hope that this gives you some food for thought and that we'll open an insightful discussion here. :) ###### PS: Aaaand, as some of you may already know, I'm usually sending gifts to people that I appreciate (and shamelessly using this fact to motivate some of ya :P) ###### PS2: I'm not going to post my "reasons of how I think I will be remembered" just yet, cuz I don't want to influence you guys, but I promise I will do it at some point. :)
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