Blind Pick is literally useless...

So I made this to be off-topic seeing which I don't know what would fit to this type of conversation. Basically blind pick is useless and bad due to there being instalockers everywhere. People always seem unsatisfied with the roles they get in the end, especially for those who have a bad connection who always seem to join later. Obviously they seem to get pissed since most of the players in low elo which I am in never want to play support and that make them want to isntalock ignoring the team and going wherever they want to. I have to deal with these types of problems nearly every game so I quit playing blind pick going to draft. Well draft is better in a way but there is one thing I kinda hate. My champions which I want to play always seem to get banned every champion selection and it's kind of annoying since I never seem to get a chance to play my mains and that kinda makes me annoyed. Besides if they were to remove blind pick what do you guys think would happen in draft? People would probably still go lanes they were not meant to ignoring the lane they were given and there would probably be more queue dodgers. Peace {{summoner:4}}
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