League of Legends study – First 10 receive skin

Cheers all, I have created this thread because I am doing research for my final marketing thesis at my university with the target demographic of League of Legends players. Soooo… what is this about? I would love to hear you talk about our beloved game! We will have an informal conversation where I ask for some insight on your habits and connections to League. This is all I can say as more info would might distort the results, but need not to worry, questions are easy-to-answer. Interviews are going to be used solely by me for the purpose of completing my thesis, no third party is or will be involved. A session takes up to 30-40 minutes, with the **first 10** people scheduling it receiving a **mystery gift** as a token of my gratitude. Adding this account “CaptainGlitter” (EUNE) or “Lunitari” (EUW) should do the magic. Following our interview I will send the gift to you. Some requirements: I will also need to talk to some of you who participated in an event organized or sponsored by Riot Games – **League Fests**, Worlds, LCS, ...etc. League Fest would be the bestestests out of all, so if you attended the event please do not hesitate for a second to get in touch. This is not a must for everyone. The interviews will be either in English or in Hungarian so if you speak one of these beautiful languages we are good to go! How to make it happen? If you are interested please add me on League so you can ask some questions if you still have any and we can discuss the date of our Skype session which is to be done during the week. That’ all folks! Thank you in advance, your help is much appreciated. TL;DR: First 10 people to talk to me get a gift Also: Sharing is caring! If you personally don’t want to participate but know someone who might, please let them know and connect us or hit the up button!
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