How to win Odyssey Onslaught, part 2 - Maps

Greeting everyone! If you missed yesterdays part1 post you can find it here Today I will go over some map tips n tricks that you can use in your games to win missions. I took the minimap pictures and will try my best to explain. If you are running a different comp from those above this might not be for you. If I miss something I will edit it after. Also if you know the things I'm saying don't be like uughh worthless post downvote, a lot of people still didn't do the quests. I'm need to do last 3. We failed on last kayn :D Edit: I can't get the maps to load every time one goes to hell :D _______________________________________________________ **Lotos map** 1. Lets say your friends died... friends hehe xd.. the random people you are playing with died and there is only you alive. Don't try to kite and basic. Run around the edges of the map so that the whole group is following you. If you goo around to slow they will kill you specially if kogmaw dogs are there, and if you go too fast they will just cut diagonally to you. Use your warps to cut the V corner of the lotus leaf. 2. Ok so you are playing all {{champion:222}} do not basic kogmaw. Shoot your ults and wait till its killed. Yes you can deactivate his ability with your E but its not worth. I also max E 2nd on jinx 3. The bulky pig thing that charges at you. If you can stand near the 4 stones so that when he charges you can just move a little and dodge it. Pillar hug. Make asmongold pissed if he saw you playing like that, only goal in life pepehands. 4. Same for 4th map as above since its the same. If there is the brown thing on the ground dont stand on it dummy. Jinx does it all easily till 2 augments. 5. {{champion:54}} updated build for 2 augments. Do not hit anything as malph if you can specially not kogmaws, run away from them. You will have 30% cd with this. Hit 5 or more targets and your ult is low cd. DO NOT MISS YOUR ULT. Also if the target is already ulted by yasuo and you ult it your ult doesnt count so it will go on normal cd 6. Btw you can have both {{champion:115}} {{champion:37}} in that mission so you dont have to pick all 5 ziggs that was just the strats we play. Kite and throw stuff, basic also. I changed the brink augment to shorter but you dont have to. You take 80% less dmg while ulting so if there are no 15 kogmaws you can sit in place and ult. _______________________________________________________ **Pacman** 1. If you are going with the jinx strat stand in that corner and just ult. If enemies are coming down the stick that's stuck inside pacmans mouth (poor guy) use your blink thing and ult down. This map is super easy for that strat 2. If you are playing Ziggs, spam your ults and run around. Healing E are the key for your survival 3. Two augments strat is rng based. There are 2 scenarios that I've noticed. You can get velkoz things that shoot those globes across the map - in the last days build malph would die really fast to it so i adapted the build to have the mr item with cd and good passive vs those. Usually the big flying thing spawns where you get the ora. Or plants spawn with those charging pigs lux lasers and something like that. The 2nd one is way easier for the comp 4. If you are ulting with {{champion:54}} down the stick long part. Lets say u dashed and want to ult all from behind. BE CAREFUL there is a small rock sticking out on the opened outside mouth side (right on map). I legit hit it 3 times and failed. Don't be me. 5. You should get lvl 11 near the start of this map in 2 augments mode. The difference is huge. You will also have 40% cd with the new adapted build. Your ult should be 10s or so if you land it on 5+. Ping your ult ______________________________________________ **Geodude 0** 1. Easiest map for jinx strat . If 3 things spawn on top that shoot down the geodude body (Kreygasm) shoot your ult at them. 2. If the brown thing sparts spawning on the ground just move up as fast as you can in harder mode there will be 3 electro zones on the ground on the connection to the top arm. Try not to choke there you will get trapped and die 3. Same for yasuo malph just spam _____________________________________ **What happens if this Rock Giant we are playing on shuts his hand cuz we are tickling his palm?** 1. Yasuo malph strat explained last day, ult as many as you can with malph 2. Ora, ora, ora ResidentSleeper hit him during that but start running away near the end. He can shoot balls towards you, or the kogmaw thing. The kogmaw thing is bullsh.... 3. You do not need to stay on 1 side of the map only. Red {{champion:141}} will spawn those red things on the ground. Move to somewhere, where when it pops out it wont be in your way . And move to the 2nd section 4. Ziggs struggles to take down kayn if you are going full ap build without 5. At this point your ult on malph should be 4s or so General tip for all maps. If your teammate dies and the cd is 20s or so dont res him/her unless you really need him/her or everyone dead. The res tool thingy is a long cd. _________________________________________ Thank you for reading. If you think I missed something put it down in the comments. Curse

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