Skins (Concepts/Fan-Made)

Basketball Ziggs: He has a black t-shirt and shorts with stripes on them. His bombs are burning basketballs and his helmet is a de-formed basketball hoop. Instead of skulls on his bombs, he has basketball hoops. Basketball Orianna: She has a red t-shirt and shorts. Her ball is now a basketball. Basketball Syndra: She has a blue t-shirt and shorts with stripes on them. Her mask is now a basketball trophy and her orbs are burning basketballs. Cherry Blossom Maokai: He has light-brown bark and he has branches with pink leaves on them. His saplings are the same but just with a little cherry blossom tree on their head. His ult creates a ring of pink leaves. Flamewaker Diana: She has a red and black scythe that is burning. Her hair is made of flames and so are her eyes. Her passive is a burning mark on the ground which is the same case with her E. Her W looks like three burning meteors and her R leaves a blazing trail behind her as she dashes. Boxing Star Vi: She has boxer gloves on her hands. She has a blue t-shirt on and black shorts. Lobster King Thresh: He looks like a lobster on his body. His hook is a crab claw and his lantern has an aquarium inside of it. His Ultimate creates walls of water geysers. I will be making more of these skins as time goes. If there is one of these skins that you specifically like, be sure to type it in the comments and tell me why you think it is the best skin of these skins.

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