"Gift of love". Another writing, finished when the year ended

When 2018 came to an end, so did i finished another writing. Gift of love She has always been alone With no one on her side No one to share things with Even tho she tried No one she could care for No one that cared for her Ofcourse she has cried But she didnt really mind She believes true love is precious And should not be thought of lightly Not something to give blindly She wont let it go to waste She might first be suspicious But leaves an open chance And it may not be easy, Maybe you find her teasy But all she really does Is seeking for the trust That you're worth the gift She can only give once She would give it all All to you, all for you She would listen to what you say Take care of you every day Focussing on making you happy Her mind will be busy Thinking of new ways To keep you reminded Why the both of you had decided On a life with each other And she will show you How much she values that one love And wouldnt just give up Even when there are hurting lies Even when there are difficult fights She wouldn't just leave, when things get rough Loyalty she values high She would try Understanding why What had happened, for how long? Where had she gone wrong What was her mistake For giving you a reason to fake A reason to hide Pushing her aside So she can change And show you once more What it was you were trying for If she feels you're worth it If she gifts her love to you I hope you will remember I hope you understand When it truly ends She will never Ever Again gift it to another For her love Was just A one time gift.
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