Another Monday morning \(^-^)/

For some reason I thought it was a good idea to stay awake after sleeping 18:00-23:30. For some reason I couldn't get a Fanta either today. :( So now I got ma coke, and hope it helps to stay awake. Either way, grab your coffee or tea, maybe get some food, this is gonna be a long read today! ------------------ But enough of that, let's get to the 'last week' stories. Got back to playing Lux, tackling that ranked Queue ofr a bit. And I gotta say, times sure changed, people don't seem to repect Lux anymroe these days, nor is getting an S+ something hard anymore. :( Actually can't wait for some nerfes (partly to cease the crying about her from certain People >.>), I just hope it will only be numbers and no delays or the likes. I'm considering to make a guide of 'how to play against Lux', but I'm not really creative with those things, let alone... essentially telling others how to beat me in ranked... might not be the best idea. So came that i got back to Plat on saturday, I kinda wanna cry about my Janna winrate (6-10), guess I'll need to work on that one. ---------------- As for nice ingame experiences: Today I had a Team that aided me a lot: first time was enemy Trundle ganking me and our Lee immiediately changing his route to coutergank with great sucess, later on the same Trundle chasing me, I was 1 AA away from death and could root him barely out of his AA range, but he wouldn't give up, and kept chasing, soon I'd be under my turret, but Trundle was healthy and would go for the dive, the AA is coming in... **Prismatic Barier**, geez that was Close, waaah next AA, good shield refresh, but he isn't giving up, nooooo, leave me alone you troll, the last AA coming in... Q_Q \*epic 'hero arrives' background Music starts playing* (the troll ended up %%%%%-ing out. :<) Shen and Lee proceeded to simply carry our Team, be it by safing or catching People. This reminded me of a game I played some days ago, oe of those rare games where I actually was the hero. (if only for a bit) My midlane Lux was getting into quite some Trouble, Shaco ganking her Level 3. As Lux already was really low, and Shaco wanted to finish her off with a last attack under out turret, a Vi Q out of nowhere, resulting in an easy first blood for me (Vi), followed by Flashing at the enemy midlaner and killing them off with a mix of RedBuff and them greeding for Lux. I didn't do too much heroic Actions after that, but you could eventually Count playing the game out 8/0/12 in the end. (Tank? What are you talking about, I don't wanna die! Q_Q) Then the last game I played today, are just 2 Event between me (Lux mid again) and both Junglers (mine being Rek'sai and enemy Trundle). At Level 2, Trundle invaded poor Rek's red, but as soon as I spottet what's Happening, taking a last CS to go for my own Level 2, I managed to first-blood Trundle, using both summoners to ensure Rek'sai to be able to escape. (We both got away rather Close after enemy Malz followed) The second event, something that can prove that this community isn't 'omg so toxic', was as again Rek got into a fight with Trundle, and I got to join later on. In this fight, with Trundle having his MS buff down and already Tier 2 boots, I missed my Q, followed by missing my E, followed by missing my ult (usually would wait for any Kind of CC, but the Situation wouldn't allow a wait), luckiey Rek'sai could Flash to safety last second, and I could tank out Trundle till my Q came back up which I could finish him with. Simply wanting to facepalm after this performace, I simply put a "report me" in the Chat, followed by Rek simply laughing it off. <3 ----------------- This week... I think I'll aim for Plat IV. Going up slow and steady. (I still gain roughly 25 LP per win and lose 11-16) Ofc survive work and get my sleep sorted again too. Then... I think it was Maokai who got BDay tomorrow, so that's something I gotta do too. And yeah... talking about BDays... 21th is coming next Weekend... Here I'd actually like to ask you guys for advice, for those who don't know, 21th 2009 is the day LoL started, and therefore the birthday of 15 or 16 Champions. (We sure have come a Long way :o) Now... I'm not sure, but some people *could* call 15 BDay threads a bit of spammerino. So far i had 3 ideas: - do 1 thread per Champion, spread them out over the day. most likely would be like 1 Champion every hour or a bit mroe spread. - do 3 Threads each with 5ish Champions in one, But I think that would just be boring and messy. - do 1 Thread for all 15 and mash them up in an interesting way. What's an interesting way? Dunno yet. :c So I'm kinda against this idea too as I mgiht not find a way. :s What are your thoughts on this? Maybe you got any suggestions for me i missed? :s On another note: I considered making a BDay thread for LoL Overall, but I honestly wouldn't know of what to do it about, or what to look out for in it. >.> So that's another idea that's on ice. :s --------------------------- And for the end, a random question of the day: What do you guys think of Roleplaying? In Terms of a Roleplay forum I mean, more specific one of League of Legends/Runetera. The characters to be played would obviously be our Champions, but also any OC (Original Character) from Runetera you can come up with. While those things usually are slow going, I was able to read into such a Forum at some Point, and it seems quite interesting and fun, I gotta say. (didn't get to roleplay myself yet tho, mainly cus the idea for an OC I have in my head might be a *bit* overpowered, which easiely ruins a roleplay. v.v) So yeah, just general opinions on that is what I'd be interested, have you experience in that? Maybe not but it sounds interesting? Would you consider to join something liek that? To me it essentially sounded like D&D without the rolling a die bit, but rather people just getting creative themselfs to create an awesome Story together! --------------------------------- Have a really awesome day you awesome people! \*hugs\* .... ... .. \*won't let go cus I feel asleep\*

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