My thoughts about the whole Draven day+ URF

Hello there, its my first post over my 5 years of palying with League of Legends. I couldn't stop myself posting this, bcause wahts happening in LoL its just...dissapointing. I've managed to get up at 6:00 am on 1st of April, hoping dat, there will be urf again.And then this Draven thingy just happened.One of the WORST GAME MODES, AND WORST 1ST OF APRIL OF ALL TIME. Here I want to understand something about the Riot games developement: -Why do u not ask the players about the game modes they want to play on?I mean yoU've removed Dominion from the playlist.WHy the holy balls dont you start a vote about placing a gamemode in its place?There was an excuse that sounded like this:"We have disabled dominion because the low amount of players" as far as i heard and read.THEN please, why dont u disable the 3v3 Twisted Treeline too?There are a 2 minutes and a half for a simply Blind pick mode!None gives a f*ck about that gamemode, not bcause the map is crap, but there is no sense getting a diamond or higher promotion in that league.As far as I know there isnt a LCS for 3v3, then why do u keep it? Remove it too!None needs the 3v3! -If its a very high-populated free MOBA game then why is the over 3 mins queues in Draft even in Ranked? Answer:NONE WANTS TO BE A FREAKIN SUPPORT! once me and my bro had a 45 mins queue time cuz of low amount of supports on RANKED.The system sucks again. -1st of April :OHOHOH This was the last {{item:3070}} in the glass..You gave us this SHIT on 1st of April, meanwhile 99% YES YOU READ IT CORRECTLY AT LEAST 99% OF THE ENTRIE DAMNED COMMUNITY WAS WAITIN FOR THE URF!NOT FOR THIS CRAP!WHat do u want?Do u want to lose the half of the palyer base making idiot mistakes like this?YOU've removed the solo queue that made the newcomers ranked jsut more harder.And now this.If I read it right on one of the other topic, a riot employee said: "Its our golden rule to: not making anything with the featured gamemodes, including makimng it permament".Why???YOU've alrdy done this!Making this game rotation is be like: IF a british citizen goes to the Queen and ask her: "hey queen Y dont u make Halloween twice or more in the year?"and you think queen will asnwer: "Hey ok its a good idea cuz why not"?NO!BCAUSE ITS A TRADITION IN ONE OF A TIME IN A YEAR.Its the same with the URF, The legend of poro king etc. In the future I hope you will be more in touch with the community whos PAYING for the skins and all ofthe junks in the shop for YOU.I think they deserve far more than a cheap photoshopped Draven day( I DONT LIEK THAT CHAMP EITHER ITS USELESS WHITOUT MOBILITY).If not, well, GL with the game cuz not jsutme but a lot more player will uninstall LoL.{{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} PS.:Rework Nunu, Put URF in, less Retardness and: If Nidalee was Op cuz its Q, then why didu rework her in the same bugged way?O.o {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3157}}
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