For URF's Existance

Ive been around sinve Graves release , and so far i never had so much fun wile playing league.... and now after all this time URF is propably one of the few if not the only thing that keeps me coming back to league and enjoy the game , Have fun again with out having to treat League as a "tournament " each game and recieve or dish out hate and tilt all over the place , its a mode that gives league of Legends what it lacks , FUN , Enjoyment , Laughs ,Allows for new builds with new strategys , and makes viable champions that normaly would not even dare to come up in sumoners rift . Thus i have to ask you all guys , what do you think will take , and what we can do as a comunity , to bring urf back in league of legends as a permanent mode , even as a custom mode . I know that Riot does not want ranked to get abadoned , but one thing i think dont realise is that if one mode is permanent , all will play it at start , then after wards all those that just want to have fun will stay in and play URF to Have pure Fun , and the rest will go back to ranked and Normals . I sincierly belive it will work out , since even new players will get intrested and invested in the game since it will promode fun and goofynes at least for one game mode , thus more income and playerbase for League as a resault ..... i dont know what else to say on that mater exept for MAKE URF PERMANENT MODE PRETY PLEASE <(^_^)>/ p.s: i know my english are not optimal , Sorry about that , i just hope i made you understand what i ment
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