How are ya all doing on this calming morning?

It's a grey sky and humid air, yet it doesn't feel wet or cold, nor is dark. Just feels like nothing is going on at all, it confuses me, but is somewhat relaxing. And then the though of getting started with ranked again creeps into my mind, alarms start ringing, brains switches on and starts mapping out pros and cons, like and dislikes of the idea. x3 Anyways, still undecided prolly have to get fully comfy on some champions again before doing that. ----------------- \*puts up tasties table\* {{item:2054}} {{item:3682}} {{item:3680}} {{item:3683}} {{item:3681}} {{item:2054}} {{item:3682}} {{item:3680}} {{item:3683}} {{item:3681}} **'nuff of that, how are all of you feeling?** . For me I'm really conflicted about my Lux rune and build choices. I used to always run spellbook, as I considered Meteor unecessary (the only reason to ever take it being 3 minor runes in Sorcery which you all want) and Electrocute... Domination minors are just meh. But spellbook got change in a way I don't seem to like it as much anymore. :( And now I've heard midlaners almost always start with Corrupting Potion, which I'm struggling to see why. In many matchups I don't see the sustain helping me. But I'll have to do more research on it before really making a judgement. So for now I shall begrudingly admit that Meteor seems to be a quite good keystone on her, let's just hope admitting to the overall considered better build will make it easier to win. x3 --------------- As I'd guess most are still working, hold out, for part of today has already passed, and tomorrow shall be friday, herald of the weekend! \o/ Oh, and also my PC clock is behind by 175minutes for some reason, it's starting to cunfuzzle me. T.T
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