Ranked Flex

Right I don't understand this game, I got 5 wins in my in my placements and I was getting paired against Golds and Plats throughout the placements so I thought surely I will get a decent rank, nope, bronze 4 (playing solo). So my friend plays his placement games and gets paired against silvers and gets a placement rank of silver 3. His rank was silver 2 and mine was silver 3. Please don't tell me that is my predicted rank for season 7 as I can't do another year of climbing out of bronze. If it is I don't understand this game as my season 6 placements I won 2 out of 10 against bronzes and got Bronze 2 and this flex placements I won 5 out of 10 against golds and plats and get bronze 4. Could someone please enlighten me how this ranked flex works.
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