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I am playing this game for 4 years. First times i was playing Lux ( A lot ). My main was mid at first . My favourite champions were Lux , Ahri , Syndra , Orianna , Twisted Fate , Zyra . Then i started to play only Lux and Ezreal at season 4( or 3 i cant remember ) . Then i realised i am really really good at orianna and i thought i found my chamipon ( she is still my favourite mid lane champion ) . When i ranked up to Diamond 3 things became complicated ( it was about middle of season 4 ). I couldnt get mid as much i wanted and i realised i really but REALLY like playing Janna . And i was good at her. But you know , she wasnt meta and ppl tought i am trolling . I started to play Janna AND mid at the same time. At season 5 i made a smurf that i only play Mid lane ( Syndra , LeBlanc , Lux etc. ). One day i couldnt get mid so i picked janna for support. I remembered the times i played janna so i sticked on support i ve played support for whole season 5 ( Not only janna . i played nami , soraka , nautilus , annie , etc etc. ) . When season 6 started i realised i am good at ADC . I was always fan of Ashe ( i was only playing ashe when playing adc ) and i started to realise how fun is ADC's. Suddenly i found myself playing adc a lot , but meantime i was playing mid and support. I realised something. I couldnt be good on all of them if i want to be professional player. I realised i cant play mid as good as 2 seasonss before. I cant play good support like last season. And i realised i am not good as much as i tought at ADC. I cant decide what to play so i am asking your help guys. Please help me , What should be my Main? Max Ranks i reached as roles -> Support - Master 56 LP Mid Lane - Diamond 1 ADC - Diamond 3 Its easy to eliminate ADC for me. but i really really need help about Mid OR Support. Pros and Cons Mid I am really good at teamfight positioning. I am good at laning phase I dont get tilted easily even if i get camped by enemy jungler and support I cant play Assasins ( Except ahri and LB ) ( For exp. Zed , Talon , Yasuo ) I dont roam much ( i dont miss SS but ppl blame me usually for not coming ) I am a bit bad at farming ( i think its about my whole season 5 support stuff and at season 6 ( till now ) played Adc ) Pros and Cons Sup I protect my ADC more than usual supports does I can predict enemys move on my adc and can read my partners mind ( Not joking ) I am really good at teamfight positioning My laning is a bit weak I get caught sometimes when clearing wards ( especially cleaning wards , not when warding. ) I dont play Thresh and Blitz Please guys Vote and tell your reasons.

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