Unfair Permanent ban.

Ticket (#33240653) Hi. Today I got a permanent ban in my account. I didn't do anything bad, I'm sure you are tired of listen to these phrases but this is true. Let me explain it. I got permanent banned for being toxic in 1 game, yes, 1 game. I didn't flame never or insult. The game start and I got a dc (obviously it wasn't my intention, my internet fall down and I had to wait a few minutes until reconnect) when I enter in the game it's minute 5-6. All my team was flaming me hard (they were 4 premade). I understand if you flame me for the afk problem (I repeat, it was unintentional). But they went to far away. They started to insult and calling me "real shit" and "cancer'. I'm not a very good player but I always do my 100% and never troll. I just had a bad game + I started at minute 5 + 4 kids insulting me. The only thing I regret is that I didn't mute them at the start of the game. But I didn't flame them or insult them. I just answer sometimes when they made me really angry. This is my chat in game: CrazyShaddy: why? CrazyShaddy: ye, got lag for 2 minutes CrazyShaddy: xd CrazyShaddy: i never left my keyboard CrazyShaddy: xd CrazyShaddy: and he wants to report me CrazyShaddy: omg CrazyShaddy: hahaha CrazyShaddy: how old are u? CrazyShaddy: and why u insult in a video game CrazyShaddy: x CrazyShaddy: xd CrazyShaddy: get a real life CrazyShaddy: i afk for 2 minutes CrazyShaddy: not my fault if i get ping CrazyShaddy: ww afk too and no one report him CrazyShaddy: xd CrazyShaddy: i dc too dude CrazyShaddy: and they only want to report me xd CrazyShaddy: wtf CrazyShaddy: urgot and vayne is flaming me CrazyShaddy: cause i got dc CrazyShaddy: and im a "real shit" by vayne CrazyShaddy: kids i guess CrazyShaddy: now they shut up, funny xd CrazyShaddy: ofc we lose, u dont gank xd CrazyShaddy: why CrazyShaddy: afk? ww too CrazyShaddy: i didnt flame CrazyShaddy: vayne told me real shit CrazyShaddy: vayne 4 deaths too CrazyShaddy: come on CrazyShaddy: report??? CrazyShaddy: xddd CrazyShaddy: im not neither CrazyShaddy: do u know the difference? CrazyShaddy: i mute all CrazyShaddy: u are all kids CrazyShaddy: report if u want i dont care CrazyShaddy: xd CrazyShaddy: he's right CrazyShaddy: u must suck to insult in a videogame at 3:15 AM CrazyShaddy: xDDDDD CrazyShaddy: what CrazyShaddy: are they still flaming me? XD CrazyShaddy: the last 5 minutes yes CrazyShaddy: she was flaming for everything CrazyShaddy: so i decided go mid CrazyShaddy: then, i wont "%%%% his game" CrazyShaddy: if she even was good CrazyShaddy: but shes not the only CrazyShaddy: all my team flaming CrazyShaddy: ggwp Things to comment: -there was another team mate who was afk for more time than me. But he didn't get flame or report. -remember that they were hard flaming me for everything that I do and pinging all the time. -in the last minutes of the game I decided to mute him and I start to talk with enemy team. The enemy team was with me, like, why are you insulting a dude? I had a bad game but my team mates called me "die irl" "get cancer" "%%%%ing shit" and more things. And now look what I wrote to them. Nothing bad. Some comments are a bit bad but I was angry. No flame or insult. And the funny thing is that I got a permanent ban for this and they didn't get a simple chat ban. Something is wrong with Riot and their sistem to ban players. I'm very confused about this... Let me know what do you think and thank for take your time to read my history. Thanks and have a good day. https://gyazo.com/ef23e5c36b30797befa16491c7108434 https://gyazo.com/cc47fb8db38190ec6c4d2eec225f7720 https://gyazo.com/22cbe5358295ab6b233e2a457895d6f5 Look screenshots {{summoner:21}}
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