I got 14 days ban in an 3 honor account and first ban in my life as gamer

The text is in Spanish but I got banned from saying: %%%ing kid / then go afk asghole / %%%%%% to a lee sin that said he was throwing the game because our support was with smite and smited his red buff at 1:30. My lee sin with my support (a tamkench) started trolling like: smiting cannons kicking enemies in front of me, eating me to lose farm or just throw me to the enemies. I had 3 levels of honor. I have never been banned and just for saying THEN GO AFK %%%ing kid ashole I got banned. It doesnt makes any sense to me because I didnt do anything as much to deserve a ban from a troller-accounts-buyer lee sin. GAME ONE: Game 1 Pre-Game MyhusbandLucario: glhf MyhusbandLucario: ok In-Game MyhusbandLucario: are u kidding me MyhusbandLucario: why u didnt go ike the others MyhusbandLucario: seriously MyhusbandLucario: im not ganking MyhusbandLucario: since level 6 MyhusbandLucario: for that MyhusbandLucario: u have a kill alreazdy MyhusbandLucario: no MyhusbandLucario: u are so bad MyhusbandLucario: o back MyhusbandLucario: boptline MyhusbandLucario: before too late MyhusbandLucario: noi MyhusbandLucario: go back MyhusbandLucario: I MyhusbandLucario: NOTY MyhusbandLucario: GANKING MyhusbandLucario: whny u suicide MyhusbandLucario: i was on top MyhusbandLucario: I DONT HAVE E A TP MyhusbandLucario: JUST FOFR U MyhusbandLucario: play buy your own MyhusbandLucario: i dont gank+ç MyhusbandLucario: + MyhusbandLucario: pls MyhusbandLucario: jinx MyhusbandLucario: how u still diying MyhusbandLucario: jkust go undertower MyhusbandLucario: dont u see u are lossein g MyhusbandLucario: the game MyhusbandLucario: alone MyhusbandLucario: GO MyhusbandLucario: UNDER MyhusbandLucario: TOWER MyhusbandLucario: jinx MyhusbandLucario: next time MyhusbandLucario: i report u MyhusbandLucario: with aticket MyhusbandLucario: send to a cooworker MyhusbandLucario: from the game MyhusbandLucario: if u are rreoported and is confirmed MyhusbandLucario: for intecional feeding MyhusbandLucario: u get 14 deays supenmsion (karma to me lol) MyhusbandLucario: top MyhusbandLucario: really MyhusbandLucario: u MyhusbandLucario: 1/4 MyhusbandLucario: 1/4 MyhusbandLucario: stop MyhusbandLucario: U DIED MyhusbandLucario: IN HIS TOWER MyhusbandLucario: 3 TIMES MyhusbandLucario: THEN DIE MyhusbandLucario: IN YOUR TOWER MyhusbandLucario: OK MyhusbandLucario: JINX A¡ND TOWP MyhusbandLucario: U ARE REPORTED MyhusbandLucario: reported 3 MyhusbandLucario: go MyhusbandLucario: anyone ele? MyhusbandLucario: why u say xd MyhusbandLucario: if you are %%%ing useless in ur life MyhusbandLucario: u MyhusbandLucario: are MyhusbandLucario: all MyhusbandLucario: bad MyhusbandLucario: ALL MyhusbandLucario: OF MyhusbandLucario: U MyhusbandLucario: ALL MyhusbandLucario: OF MyhusbandLucario: U MyhusbandLucario: cute dog MyhusbandLucario: just report MyhusbandLucario: u MyhusbandLucario: pls report my team MyhusbandLucario: feeding MyhusbandLucario: and asking fof report me MyhusbandLucario: gg MyhusbandLucario: report my team MyhusbandLucario: ty Post-Game MyhusbandLucario: pls MyhusbandLucario: report thjem MyhusbandLucario: so trolling MyhusbandLucario: top MyhusbandLucario: he was flaming me MyhusbandLucario: i didnt MyhusbandLucario: i just told u MyhusbandLucario: to pls MyhusbandLucario: stop MyhusbandLucario: just that MyhusbandLucario: I just got a bad team MyhusbandLucario: who didnt know about macro MyhusbandLucario: yes MyhusbandLucario: trinda loosing MyhusbandLucario: just because he eat all MyhusbandLucario: the taraps MyhusbandLucario: or because he was diving her MyhusbandLucario: it makes no sense MyhusbandLucario: if u se your jng ius feed MyhusbandLucario: dont drow the game MyhusbandLucario: just let me make all the objectives MyhusbandLucario: idk GAME 2 Pre-Game MyhusbandLucario: hey lee sin MyhusbandLucario: how is going MyhusbandLucario: caith MyhusbandLucario: i didnt play so well... MyhusbandLucario: but i will MyhusbandLucario: pls MyhusbandLucario: take exaust In-Game MyhusbandLucario: facepalm MyhusbandLucario: bro MyhusbandLucario: com ehere MyhusbandLucario: tmakench MyhusbandLucario: just smite MyhusbandLucario: the cannopnmm MyhusbandLucario: REPORT MyhusbandLucario: MY SUPPORT MyhusbandLucario: 16 of farm MyhusbandLucario: he smited a cannon MyhusbandLucario: and eated me 3 times MyhusbandLucario: no bro MyhusbandLucario: just reoiort him MyhusbandLucario: do u want me to report u too? MyhusbandLucario: wtf MyhusbandLucario: are u doin g MyhusbandLucario: then go afk MyhusbandLucario: asghole MyhusbandLucario: open MyhusbandLucario: i will open MyhusbandLucario: to report this guy MyhusbandLucario: lee sin MyhusbandLucario: com,e MyhusbandLucario: dont MyhusbandLucario: Do taht MyhusbandLucario: Just open MyhusbandLucario: ip banned MyhusbandLucario: both of u MyhusbandLucario: pls MyhusbandLucario: report them MyhusbandLucario: he si making me lost the farm MyhusbandLucario: really dude MyhusbandLucario: are u 3 yuears old MyhusbandLucario: ip banned MyhusbandLucario: boith MyhusbandLucario: ezreal MyhusbandLucario: do you wanna vebal abuse report?¿ MyhusbandLucario: ok MyhusbandLucario: ok MyhusbandLucario: freaking kid MyhusbandLucario: I dont %%%ing care MyhusbandLucario: and i made mroe damage MyhusbandLucario: i just hope both of u leaves in streets on the future MyhusbandLucario: i hope MyhusbandLucario: u d MyhusbandLucario: ie MyhusbandLucario: he probably lives with his mother MyhusbandLucario: caith MyhusbandLucario: did u see it MyhusbandLucario: 2 v 7 MyhusbandLucario: Or ip banned MyhusbandLucario: ip bsnned do u know what it means' MyhusbandLucario: he jsut called me %%%got MyhusbandLucario: %%% MyhusbandLucario: got MyhusbandLucario: crack MyhusbandLucario: if u log on euw MyhusbandLucario: server MyhusbandLucario: with the same residence MyhusbandLucario: u get banned MyhusbandLucario: instantaneally MyhusbandLucario: and thanketch Post-Game MyhusbandLucario: im sending a ticket MyhusbandLucario: with the clip MyhusbandLucario: jCjQfHerman MyhusbandLucario: jCjQfHerman MyhusbandLucario: jCjQfHerman MyhusbandLucario: thanbiks dude MyhusbandLucario: it was horrible MyhusbandLucario: ok ez MyhusbandLucario: u too MyhusbandLucario: u cant report for use /all MyhusbandLucario: im hear MyhusbandLucario: untile i reported u MyhusbandLucario: so MyhusbandLucario: if u wanna keepo saying vebal abuse MyhusbandLucario: do it GAME 3 In-Game MyhusbandLucario: report yi MyhusbandLucario: called me idioit MyhusbandLucario: pinged MyhusbandLucario: report MyhusbandLucario: yi MyhusbandLucario: for pinging me MyhusbandLucario: for being a stupid MyhusbandLucario: he MyhusbandLucario: ha MyhusbandLucario: yeah MyhusbandLucario: sure MyhusbandLucario: ok MyhusbandLucario: yi u are the onlyone lossing MyhusbandLucario: report him MyhusbandLucario: kill him MyhusbandLucario: build this MyhusbandLucario: read the description MyhusbandLucario: yi MyhusbandLucario: make the drake MyhusbandLucario: lol MyhusbandLucario: pls MyhusbandLucario: do top MyhusbandLucario: pls report yi MyhusbandLucario: he still pinging me MyhusbandLucario: MAPLHITER MyhusbandLucario: STOP MyhusbandLucario: and lucian MyhusbandLucario: and malphite MyhusbandLucario: is begind of the adc MyhusbandLucario: are u stupid?= MyhusbandLucario: what iu want MyhusbandLucario: dioe with u? MyhusbandLucario: im not your bouyfriend MyhusbandLucario: silver MyhusbandLucario: temna MyhusbandLucario: 550 MyhusbandLucario: useless MyhusbandLucario: 4/6 MyhusbandLucario: yes MyhusbandLucario: theres a jng MyhusbandLucario: but is a feeder MyhusbandLucario: and then we have am adc MyhusbandLucario: but is half %%%%%% MyhusbandLucario: :( Post-Game MyhusbandLucario: support damage>adc MyhusbandLucario: support damage>adc MyhusbandLucario: support damage>adc MyhusbandLucario: support damage>adc MyhusbandLucario: support damage>adc MyhusbandLucario: support damage>adc MyhusbandLucario: Théjesus: imagine having tanks going behind adc and farming all game MyhusbandLucario: I didnt get on the e of veigar MyhusbandLucario: thats true MyhusbandLucario: by bnnad MyhusbandLucario: i have inteligence MyhusbandLucario: :S MyhusbandLucario: no MyhusbandLucario: u MyhusbandLucario: tryiung no MyhusbandLucario: scalling MyhusbandLucario: scalling MyhusbandLucario: scalling MyhusbandLucario: scalling MyhusbandLucario: scalling MyhusbandLucario: scalling MyhusbandLucario: scalling MyhusbandLucario: scalling MyhusbandLucario: scalling MyhusbandLucario: hello MyhusbandLucario: look my damag MyhusbandLucario: biss MyhusbandLucario: then talk MyhusbandLucario: add me MyhusbandLucario: on discord MyhusbandLucario: scalling MyhusbandLucario: i think %%%%%% will be always %%%%%%s GAME 3: https://matchhistory.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUW1/4256241590/2154227947268320?tab=overview GAME 2: https://matchhistory.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUW1/4256197023/2154227947268320?tab=overview GAME 1: https://matchhistory.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUW1/4256095393/2154227947268320?tab=overview pls mark me the text where I say bad words and tell me that the first ban being a 14 days ban was fair.
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