[Suggestion] Banned from Ranked Games System

Hey, I want to share with you a idea. In the Ranked Games there is a lot of "Trollers" & "Toxic" Players we trying to do our best as Team but some Players they trying to lose the game cuz they Trolling (Example: They staying A.F.K, They don't work with the Team, They trolling in Fights by doing nothing or just Intentional Feeding or They just using all their spells without Reason like Flash or if you are support like the last Lulu that i got he just use R, Shield when i was farming in my Jungle.) And i come with a Idea from this... A Ranked Banned System. Ranked Banned System: 1 - 2 More Options in our Report System: Options that could be is: - Trolling, or something like "He don't help the team / work with the team". I can't com up with right name option at the moment. After the player got Reports / Tickets about Intentional Feeding, Trolling, Flame, to get a penalty "Ban" to avoid him to can play for 1 - 3 Days in Ranked Game, or when he get a Chat Restrict after Flame to keep him away from Ranked Games for some Days so when he come back to think twice if he gonna Flame or Troll the game. Of course there is a problem how the system is gonna detect all this, i think the system need to be base to the players Reports / Tickets. Seems a really good idea to keep away a such players from destroying our Games and killing the Game because some Players just get angry after those matches and is destroying their Mentality and they just prefer to stop the Game instead of playing and have that emotions in the end of the game. Thank you for reading this! Let me know bellow what u think about my idea (If you vote [BAD!] Please write bellow the reason so i can improve the idea.)

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