Count Kledula is overpriced and not much effort I put in it

Hello guys This is sohnoun and i am a one trick pony kled i have been waiting for the newest kled skin forever but when the skin came i got disappointed so hard And i will tell you everything wong with the skin: if we compare Count Kledula to any of the newest epic skins we are going to see a big difference in the quality . example : KD/A akali same price as kled backing animation : Akali(dance+music+Disco effects)/Kled(animations without any effect and not fitting the character of kled) Q::Akali(music+high quality textures)/Kled(bad looking 3D pumpkin+awfull colors=very low quality textures) You get the point I demand a rework for the skin or atleast making it look better and give it a voice filter or atleast lower the price if you don't care about the 3 kled mains in the server who cares no one going to bother himself to read love u bye Skaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarl
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