Why are you playing normal games?

Hey guys! I just had a NORMAL game where I couldnt connect to from the beginning. Was stuck between desktop and loading screen... it was just black. So i had to restart my PC. But i eventually made it into the game, when the timer hit the 6 minutes mark. I got to the midlane as Xerath against a lvl 5 Vladimir with 45cs. I tried to farm just minions and catch up, because 6 minutes is not the end of the world. So when i hit lvl 2, i got ganked by shaco and almost died, so i was forced to back. When i came back to the lane again, Vladimir got Level 6, dived me in my turret and i died. The entire game he tried to zone me even out of XP-range. When i asked him, why he doesnt let me come back, he told me, that its already too late. Ehm, sure... I asked him, if he had fun and he responsed: no So my question is to you: Why are you playing League of Legends, or especially normals? I play rankeds to proof myself. I play normals, to either have fun or try out new champs or to improve my gameplay. So this Vlad didnt try out his champ, nor had fun. So he must tried to improve his gameplay against a disconnected lane opponent, what i dont understand, how that is possible or any other reason, which is beyond my imagination. I let my opponent come back to the game, to have a fair and fun match. Even if i lose, cause of that, i enjoyed it, because i didnt abuse an unfair advantage. Can you tell me, why you are playing League? Maybe there is a reason, i still dont see. Hope you can help me. :)
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