Goodbye Riot

This is a "I'm quitting" Thread So for about the last few months i have seen myself getting more and more pissed off with this game. For some unknown reasons it feels like people are able to cheat more and more. I understand im not the best player, im not even good, but i can still notice what the damage is on my champs and why the other person is only taking 10% of that damage while doing 10x more damage than he should. I have seriously seen a level 1 MF in an ARAM (before minions) with no Runes or masteries and a full 250 AD... Additional, they just outright refused to release the best game mode they have to offer. Urf is something i have looked forward to for the past few years and really helps blow of some steam, however this year they have basically told us to go screw our selves. rubbed it in our faces and then to top is all off, said they will release ascension instead. AND YOU PEOPLE WILL LET THIS SLIDE ! They have already deleted the map from the game because it was junk and now they are replacing the time we could of had with URF with junk they have already delete. Hell NO! I dont give i rats ass about their "Rotating Game Mode" crap. they will just end up patching it out later on due to people playing it instead of watching LCS. Basically thats all they care about anymore, LCS this and LCS that. I use to enjoy watching the LCS every now and again but now it has fully taken over the game i dont see the point. Good bye league. enjoy all the pissing money i threw at you in the past as its not happening again. Uninstalled and im done, Get Fucked.
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