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Hello Riot???? Do you remember of PROJECT OVERCHARGE? The Project event is up and where is that game mode? Everybody knows that money is your priority but what if you bring us atleast the game mode from this event? I don't care if the event come with lots of sh#t to buy (thing that is always happening recently) but atleast let us play the game mode related to this event. It's time to start thinking about the community too. Before these typical events, when there were every 2/3 months (or more), they came up with something more exciting and more enjoyable to play. On April 1st, when the URF came (aside from the draven event which was a huge disgust), I bet everyone was excited to play it. The Odyssey, Star Guardian and Project events that came with different game modes that were fun (in my opinion) and had plenty of content that wasn't borring. The time when Riot wanted to please the community (I think) And what do we have now? Monthly events that only come with paid content (skins, event passes) and boring missions that involve playing on maps that are available every year ... Now I understand when my grandfather said things were better in the old days. This fits perfectly into the game today. It is no longer as fun and enjoyable as before. The fun in this game is dying day after day ... {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}} {{sticker:sg-janna}}

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