Meanwhile at Rito HQ.

Final Fantasy VII - The Shinra Corporation [HQ]
Final Fantasy 7 - The Shinra Corporation [HQ]
A Conversation takes place upon the highest floor of Rito Towers between Marc Merrill, Phreak and Ghostcrawler: {{champion:23}} This is unacceptable! ZERO AND TEN! Ghostcrawler, you assured me the Meta change would ensure NA Domination at Worlds! {{champion:48}} I assure you sir, I did everything in my power to see to it...maybe they... {{champion:23}} What? {{champion:48}} ...Maybe they just weren't good enough sir? {{champion:23}} And maybe you're not good enough to do this Job HMM? {{champion:48}} ..... Ghostcrawler hangs his head in silence as Merrill continues. {{champion:23}} We are the laughing stock of worlds! Dyrone Senpai retired out of embarrassment, Faker is still God to these people! Those should be TSM Chants NOT SKT! At that moment Phreak enters the office. {{champion:17}} Yo, sup boss? {{champion:23}} Zero and Ten... {{champion:17}} Oh that...Listen I've got a great idea...Ghostcrawler? {{champion:48}} What's up Phreak? {{champion:17}} Know how you gave Juggernauts, Tons of Damage, hear me out here, Marksmen.. Phreak flexes his arm {{champion:17}} Tons of Damage. {{champion:48}} Wait you mean...? Phreak smirks and flexes once more {{champion:17}} yup, Tons MORE Damage. At that moment, the trio look at one another. {{champion:23}} Get Reginald on the Phone, we'll make sure Doublelift finds himself at TSM, Phreak, you might have just saved NA. {{champion:17}} Make sure you buff Vayne more too and make Graves the best Jungler ever. {{champion:48}} You got it! Evil laughter as lightning cracks across the sky.
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