What to do when is enemy top lane 10:0 and mid lane 6:1 ??

1.Mute option never helps 2.You cant carry 2 lanes 3.Jungler is afking in jungle 4.Enemy team camps you 5v2 on bot lane 6.Then our team start giving up 7.Evryone is flaming and talking shit about adc(me) cuz i feed them 8.Then 1 goes afk 9.Cant surrender cuz they wote no 10.Enemy team destroy every single tower and inhibitor 11.Kill baron and Elder drake 12.Lost game 13.And every one in enemy team typese EZ 14.This month i was 7 times in promos 15.In every promo match they troll,afk,giving up and ... I hope somone can explain me this "great community" {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}}
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