Changes/Improvements i'd like to see in league of legends

1. **Reports ** Basically I want the report system to only be used when activated. For instance if someone goes afk for x amount of time at the end of game you should get an icon next to that players name that u can click to report them for that. Same with verbal abuse when you say X word etc. The reason for this is because I belief that people harass you by saying i'm going to report you and most of league players report unnecessary things , which makes this game so toxic. And even goes so far as to type this in all chat. It reminds me of school where someone goes and talks ** behind your back then smiles in your face while doing it. I think that this suggestion can easily be implemented and will reduce toxic players. 2. **Champion balance** Currently the game is balanced around pro players and champion skins. Remember when Ashe got an ultimate skin. She was actually meta... Ashe one of the worst ADC's in the game just because riot wanted to sell that skin. Currently it's the same right now with Garen's new skin sell point. were Garen has so much regen he might as well stand in a fountain and if you compare this with Ahri passive which is to give you like nothing movement speed when you land all 3 abilities, where is the fairness in balance? and Ahri is currently only right now so weak because some pro players abused her and showed whats possible with her back in the day... but will an average player have 200 cs by 20 min? Will they be able to not feed? Play as a team? etc. If the game is balance around the masses I think that LCS will be more fun to watch anyway becuase the will show you wow this is what a champ is capable of and inspire us and show awesome plays. The other thing is now that Ashe isn't meta anymore and ADC in general are bad now. I still see some of them play with that skin and feel bad for them but I guess Riot still has their money and thats all that matters right? 3. **Reworks** My favorite champion on league was the old Fiora. The reason was the play style , for instance late game you could be the engage and in a second use QWE move while u reposed and engage on squishy or low health players in a team fight . then instantly bust them in a fight till your health is low ulti then with life steal be back in the fight the use QWE again. This was the most fun i had in lol. same with other champs like Irelia who was known for top lane 1v1 bruiser killer then late game becomes more of a assassin who kills off the enemy's mage or adc So I want these crappy rewords to either be undone or make it a separate champion . 4. **Permanent banned accounts** I think this is completely stupid to permanently ban an account when toxic players can just make a new one and then flood new players experiences with those toxic ***.. My account (this one) was perma banned because I used a jungle timer.And I recently stated playing again with a new account and there are so many players saying oh I got banned and try-harding now on new player/ flaming them for learning to play and its disgusting. Please just unban those players and implement my report system and something like a huge LP lose if they keep troll. Any-case let me know what you think on all of this :)
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