Goooood morning \o/

There is always that one thing that gets all of us out of bed in the morning. I think we all know by now how hard it is to get out of those warm comfy soft blankets on colder fall mornings like these .-. For me, that one thing would be the morning coffee I always get at my uni for example. It makes that horrible waking up and getting up part and going out in this cold a little less annoying \o/ After finally arriving to the heaven on earth, the little coffee place, I made a beeline straight to the counter, but in the place of the usual coffee lady there was this very old and feeble looking granny with her back turned to me. So I called out to her Me: Good morning! The old feeble lady: *keeps assorting stuff* Me: Uhm, hello .-. The old feeble lady: *turns around and stares* Me: *stares back* The old feeble lady: Well good morning! *smiles super big* Me: *sweat drops* Good morning! Can I have a coffee? The old feeble lady: What did you say dear? *tries to lean closer* Me: A coffee, please? The old feeble lady: Tea? *smiles even more widely* Me: No no, a coffee The old feeble lady: Ohhhhh you want coffee? Me: Yes The old feeble lady: Hot or ice? (at this point i don't know if she could have smiled any wider and I don't dare imagine how it would look if she did) Me: *smiles back awkwardly* Uh a hot one The old feeble lady: Comin' right up! *a few moments later* The old feeble lady: *hands an ice coffee* There you go dear, have a nice day ^-^ Me: *sighs deeply* Thank you o/ So sitting here with my what was suppouse to be a nice warm coffee to start the day with, well actually, I guess it could be good for.. Circulation.. And uh, cold always wakes people up sooner anyway I gues.. Adding 3 sugar spoons should make it better.. But then again, with how sweet and kind that old lady was, she warmed up this monday morning for me eitherway ^^ **Special question of the day** What gets you guys out of bed in the morning? **How is your monday thus far** ? Mine is, i'd say going well ^^' **And of course your plans for the following week** ? Hope you guys have a great day today o/ Oh almost forgot *frantically searches for gifs* There, it can be, tea, coffee, w.e your heart desires \o/
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