Something we need to appreciate

I see a lot of people ranting how riot did this did that and all kind of problems, but i rarely see post of someone being grateful for a help they got. As someone who started these kind of games back in dota 1 days, iv experienced lots of different communities from HON trough DOTA 2 and finally LOL. Iv been playing lol for 3-4 seasons now and whenever i had a problem with anything LOL related from smallest to big problems i always contact support, and no matter what it is i got my response within 24 hours. I remember once someone from LOLs tweeter page helped me resolve some account problems trough tweets. As someone who played DOTA 2 for couple of years, you cant imagine how good it feels that there is someone to listen to your problems and help you resolve them. On dota 2 community, you got high ping ? FPS is low ? You got banned and u think its not justified ? NO ONE CARES Even if somehow someone replies to your needs, it takes like a week and usual response was go visit dev forum, witch is as dead as nunu in ranked. Stop ranting, be happy with what we got.
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