Dear League of Legends

I am done with you. I just cant handle it anymore...Your community is the worst I have ever seen and talked with. I cant get in one game without getting flamed like you are in the deepest depths of hell.... and because of that i get angry too ( a lot) and is just too much to handle for my psychical state . I just dont understand why dont people play ranked / normal for fun anymore . Ive been here since season 1 or 2 ( not sure) and I remember the times everyone played for. I just cant handle the toxicity anymore. You reading probably dont care and probably gonna say "Why dont you just mute them" and they are gonna be right but I dont get frustrated by dying just by the comment "Omgeezzzz report this noob we lost *a storm of swears* and I just tilt and cant untilt myself. League for me has lost its fun part...... Sorry for the stupid post
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