Why/How did you start playing league?

For me, here's my story. 5 years ago, i started playing DOTA 2 on my old desktop. I played over 1.5 years and became addict to it. In 2012, My sister bought me a laptop....... a damn toaster and they threw the desktop away. After couple of days of using it, i wanted to play DOTA, so i hit install button and it took 22H download time _(Yup, toaster internet)_. As soon as i opened the game, i entered to play a game but the laptop couldn't manage to run the game. I was really upset, so i searched the internet for any other games similar to DOTA. I found League of legends, so i immediatly downloaded it _(It took 12H :D )_ then the laptop managed to run the game without any problems except FPS lags, ping lags, had to close any other openned program...... anyway, i adjusted the settings to super low graphics and worked smoothly! I am so happy that i am playing League, thank you Riot games for this amazing game. What about you?
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