Farewell letter to your leadership.

I just want to say goodbye to you. Most likely I will not return to this game. I just can't turn a blind eye to it. How can a game even exist with so many errors and bugs, with so many errors in the game client. This is just some kind of horror. I don’t understand where the bosses of Riot look. Bugs, Errors, Abusers (which developers do not want to fix), client errors, a poor punishment system, constant smurfing, trolls in a team, feeders that no one punishes, I will say more, they are protected by the developers themselves. Prohibiting the publication of their names in the game. This is just some kind of absurdity. And all this I have to endure from time to time, and wait and believe that one day the same person will come to their company who will fix everything and make a client and a game that I really want to play. As it was before. Remember those times when there was the very first old Warwick, how we played this game, we did not even think about the rating, we really had fun and relaxed in the game. And now, we became jerky and nervous. And the people in the team are still starting to troll you, and Riot also protects them, by preventing us from showing their names. This is just double humiliation. Nor does Riot do anything about it. I was one of the first to start playing Hearthstone, but for two years now, I have not played this trash, because the developers chose money instead of the game and the players. Apparently, Riot also could not cope with such a temptation, and forgot to whom they owe such success. Yes ! Riot. You owe success to the players, all your player, who play your game every day, but you apparently forgot about it. I hope the moment comes when you realize that you have chosen the wrong track. Thanks.
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